Sunday, March 28, 2010

How to compile the Apache QPID C++ broker from SVN without checking out the Java broker.

I was trying to check out and build the Apache Qpid C++ broker from source. The instructions say to check out  But that Java broker dir is HUGE and I don't event WANT the Java broker!

So at first I just checked out the cpp dir. Why not? Well the build breaks in a strange way, something about cannot execute

make[1]: execvp: ./ Permission denied 

It turns out that there is a dependency on the specs dir. But autoconf doesn't tell you about it. So you must check out BOTH dirs to a common dir, then build the cpp broker.


mkdir qpid
cd qpid
svn co cpp
svn co specs
cd cpp
make check
make install

That should do it.

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