Monday, July 23, 2012

Arcade Fire

I was flipping through old issues of QST and I found an article about Arcade Fire! They were interviewed in the November 2010 issue (ARRL members only). It seems that Win and Will Butler's grandfather was Alvino Rey, W6UK (SK). Although the band members are not hams themselves, they have fond memories of their Grandfather's ham activities, and support Amateur Radio in general. They have used ham radio imagery in their stage video for "We Used to Wait", including some of W6UK's QSL cards.
When you start dealing with people, or art, when your primary concern is how to make money, I think the "quality of services" decline rapidly in the search for a higher profit.
The song "We Used to Wait" is about writing letters, and it seemed a natural fit to use the (W6UK's) QSL cards. We try to give out secret plugs to Alvino whenever we can.
I guess there was a brief conspiracy theory that we were going to release the album first over ham radio.
I know it's not totally required anymore, but I would feel bad about becoming a ham without being fully fluent in Morse code.

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