Tuesday, November 27, 2007

ARRL/RAC Sections Quiz

Click here to take free online ARRL/RAC sections quiz

Some contests require you to log ARRL/RAC section abbreviations. This includes ARRL Field Day and Sweepstakes. Being able to enter those abbreviations quickly and accurately is critical to keeping your rate up and avoiding busted QSOs. But remembering all those abbreviations can be a pain. Most are the same as their state mailing abbreviation. But who can remember the abbreviation for Newfoundland-Labrador? Or Mississippi/Montana/Minnesota/Missouri/Maine?

Now you can easily memorize all the ARRL/RAC sections by using my handy dandy sections quiz program. It displays random section names and requires you to key in the correct abbreviation, and keeps track of your score.

The program is written in JavaScript embedded in the HTML on the web page. You can save the HTML file to your hard disk to practice offline. The code is free open source software so feel free to modify it. If you make useful modifications please send me the patch and I'll incorporate it into the program on my site.

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