Friday, November 30, 2007

Don't overbid on eBay ham gear!

I just don't get it. What chemical imbalance does an auction trigger that makes folks over-bid?

Look at this auction:

Ooo, aaahhh. It's a mint IC-706MKIIG with a DSP module and a remote kit and the MARS/CAP mod. It just sold for $900 big ones plus $25 shipping!

Now look here:

And here:

These new radios also include the UT-106 because it's standard equipment on the IC-706mkIIG. They also include the remote kit because Icom is giving it away for free. They also have a $50 rebate bringing the price down to $900. So what does the eBay 706 have that the new ones don't? The MARS/CAP mod? This mod requires the removal of a diode. One stinkin' diode. The NEW radios come with Icom's factory warranty, which IMO is worth a lot more than the labor to remove one diode.

I guess some people just don't like to lose. Maybe I should buy a new IC-706mkIIG, perform the MARS/CAP mod, and sell it on eBay.

73 de N1YWB

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Minion said...

I find that eBay often does exactly what you suggested and brings out peoples drive to not lose. Lucky for you, you know better.