Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How to Make QSO Maps from your Ham Radio Logs Part 3/5

Right click "QSO Points" and pull up the Properties and click on Style. Pick a marker you like, I'll choose "City". Lets make it smaller too, set the size to 0.75mm and click apply.

Your map should now look like this

Now right click on QSO Lines, go to Properties, and Style. Change "Single Symbol" to "Graduated". Change "Column" to "time". Pull down the "Color ramp" menu and select "New color ramp". Set color ramp type to "cpt-city" and click ok. Under "Theme" select "Temperature" and select the "temp-c" theme and click OK.

click OK to save the new ramp.

Set "Classes" top 24. Set "Mode" to "Equal Interval". Click "Classify" You should see something like:

Click OK. Your map should look like this